Framed Prints - Family Series

Family Series Frames: - The Family line-up of frames includes 7 specially selected moulding styles. These are a perfect fit when a narrower moulding is better suited or when a sharper price is a consideration. The finished frames in the Family Series includes all of the same professional finishing and installation that is in our Gallery line.

Bundled Prints: - The price of the “Bundled Prints” includes printing on your choice of Kodak lustre or metallic paper, Masonite Mounting, your choice of laminate, and full professional installation. The variable cost of the finished piece is dependent on the style of moulding selected.

Installation includes: Securing print with framing points, black paper backing trimmed 1/8” from the frames edge, protective rubber bumpers, Wall Buddies or Wire Hanger, and cardboard corner protectors. All bubble wrapped to ensure safe delivery.