Order Entry Software Collection

Our Order Entry software collection is comprised of general and target specific applications for both Mac and Windows environments. Each application is standalone and should be installed by clicking on the logo or the indicated launch point.

Please note, your Technicare Customer Number and Customer Name will be required after installation has completed and prior to full software access.


The Classic Order Entry is designed for ordering all of our traditional printing, press services, mounting, display & gift products.

To download and install the Technicare Classic ROES click here


The Album Order Entry is specifically designed to allow quick and accurate production of FlushMount albums and folios.

To download and install the Technicare Album ROES click here

School & Sport

The School &SportOrder Entry is designed to address the unique requirements of Photographers working in these markets. Services such as school units, Starpaks, ID Cards, Trader Cards along with specialized marketing material are all available.

To download and install the Technicare School & SportROES click here