Exciting news from DNP!


The Photo Imaging Division of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation (DNP IAM) is pleased to announce the immediate availability of PANORAMIC PRINTS in two of their models.

The DS620A can now produce stunning 6"x14" and 6"x20" panoramic photos printed from DNP's 6"x8" media. To enable this feature, simply update your DS620A to the latest firmware, DS620A Firmware v1.41 and install Hot Folder Print 2.2 to start printing stunning panoramic photos in 6x14" and 6x20" (with 6x8" media). 

The DS820A can print standard 8 x 10" and 8 x 12" prints, and prints as small as 8 x4", but it can also produce panoramic prints 8 x 18", 8 x 22", 8 x 26", and 8 x 32"!