Matted Albums - TAP

TAP Flora album is a flex-hinge album, featuring a wraparound cover for a bound-book appearance. With a secure, flexible-hinge inserts; recessed non-catch inserts; sturdy brass corner tips. A capacity from 10 to 34 inserts. *Capacity vary within color and sizes

* Pages and mats sold separately, see the e-store for more information

TAP Marshal album is a sleek bound album with a contemporary look, top loading and they come individually boxed. Sizes available in 4x6 and 5x7, page capacity 10 and 15.

TAP Parade Album is economical with top loading pages and coil binding.

Sizes available 4x5, 4 x 6, 5x7, 8 x 10 with 10 black on black pages. The 4x6 XL also available in 18 pages.

TAP Encore Album is similair to the parade album, this horizontal album holds two 4 x 5 to a page. It includes 18 pages for 72 prints.

Embossing services are available for this item.